Sereen Hair and Beauty Boutique (SHBB) is a modern luxury comfort zone for all. We provide Grade A service to each individual that walks through our door. We pride ourselves with providing quality customer service and products; while encouraging confidence and love for oneself. Everyone’s situation and personality is different and with passion, an eye for detail, and quality time each experience is customized to fit all of our clients needs.

Nikeya S. Burnett is the owner of Sereen Hair and Beauty Boutique. An experienced licensed cosmetologist, medical biller and once a office coordinator at a cancer center, Nikeya has found her purpose through her career journey that never quite made sense to her, but with her God giving talent, a heart of gold and welcoming personality she realized how she can help restore each beauty’s confidence and decided to do what she can in her power to make sure each VIP stay positive. She is now on a mission to serve the community the best way she knows how, by building confidence and proving that the beauty within is what truly matters, Nikeya believes that you don’t have to look the way you feel.


Sereen Hair and Beauty Boutique goal is to uplift each client confidence inside and out, showing them that beauty within win every time! After doing extended research speaking with locals who have experienced medical hair loss in the community the owner of SHBB discovered that there was a demand for Quality wigs in the area, not just any wig shop but somewhere future clients who are dealing with medical hair loss can get educated and assistance on getting reimbursement from their health insurance plan for Cranial Prosthesis. SHBB provides Luxury Hair and Beauty service to all of our clients but most importantly we provide special service to our VIP Beauties, including verifying and submitting medical claim to their Health Insurance, which alleviate the burden of them worrying about getting their claim paid or reimburse.