Hello Beauties! I created a  special program to assist with hair needs and services for the  strong beautiful ladies who are facing a difficult journey in their lives. Lets be honest, we feel amazing when our Beauty needs are met! My Boutique was inspired by beautiful women who are facing difficult challenges and have not felt or look  like themselves lately, who sometimes need a little extra push and sometimes to be reminded that “ Beauty Within Wins!”


We are the first salon that will submit a health Insurance claim on behalf of our clients. We assist with payments and reimbursements including educating our clients on their benefits, alleviating the burden of handling the insurance paperwork and receiving reimbursement for their medical wigs.

A service we provide for FREE! 


SHBB also provides a luxury modern environment allowing you to ditch the medical clinical feeling while having someone who is experienced with cranial prosthesis and medical billing, handle the paperwork for you. We also have a on call nurse to assist our staff with any medical questions that pertain to better servicing our VIP beauties, ensuring that they have the superb experience.

Here at SHBB You don’t have to look the way you feel. 

Your medical wig can be covered by insurance for the following medical conditions:


    •    Alopecia hair loss

    •    Cancer-related hair loss

    •    Chemotherapy-related hair loss

    •    Kidney disease-related hair loss

    •    Radiation-related hair loss

    •    Thyroid-related hair loss

    •    Certain scalp infections

    •    Certain medications for medical conditions, such as high blood pressure and heart problems


We will file your insurance claim and assist with reimbursement

Have someone knowledgeable of treatments, hair care and benefit advisor experience

guide you along the way


Educate you on your health care benefits for cranial prosthetics

Special discount with no Medical coverage

Offer interest free payment plans

Fast and easy custom orders

and so much more